FILT: The Fast Inversion of Laplace Transform

By Toshio Hosono
International Series of Monographs on Advanced Electromagnetics,
Volume 2 (Series Chief Editors: Alinur Buyukaksoy, Kazuya Kobayashi, Zinoviy T. Nazarchuk)
93pp  October 2013
CD:   978-4-86281-009-0 C3055 \03800E
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CD:     978-4-86281-009-0 C3055 \03800E
File only: 978-4-86281-010-6 C3055 \03500E
In this book, the author develops a new method for numerical 'fast inversion of the Laplace transform' (FILT). FILT is a very powerful tool in various engineering applications such as the transient phenomena of electromagnetic fields.
Readership: Advanced undergraduate and graduate students, professionals, academic researchers in the areas of numerical analysis, electromagnetics, and electrical engineering.
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